Waterbury Symphony Orchestra
2018-2019 Atlas of Sound
March 12, 2017 3pm NVCC Fine Arts Center Join in a brilliant performance of Maestro Leif Bjaland & the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra in Mozart the Miraculous! 1:45-2:30pm Pre-concert performance: Bravo Waterbury! & Felipe Karam Tickets $20, $35 and $55 children $5 with purchase of adult ticket THE PROGRAM Like tendrils of ivy covering a marble statue, the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s life has been obscured by legend. Maestro Leif Bjaland reveals the true Mozart in a multi-media presentation that he created and will conduct which features operatic, choral and instrumental music of Mozart and others. We peel away these legends in hopes to reveal Mozart the man and the artist. The performance culminates in a performance of his towering Jupiter Symphony. In an article about the Jupiter Symphony, Sir George Grove wrote that "it is for the finale that Mozart has reserved all the resources of his science, and all the power, which no one seems to have possessed to the same degree with himself, of concealing that science, and making it the vehicle for music as pleasing as it is learned. Nowhere has he achieved more." Of the piece as a whole, he wrote that "It is the greatest orchestral work of the world which preceded the French Revolution."[5] Call for your tickets today! 203-574-4283 www.waterburysymphony.org Thank you to our Corporate Sponsor MacDermid Performance Solutions

160 Robbins Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, 06708, United States
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